The new way to build a highly profitable, industry-leading wine list for your restaurant.

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since working with lucid our wine cost dropped 9%.there’s no other company that has had a bigger impact on our
bottom line

Tin Vuong

Founder, Blackhouse Restaurant Group

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Your new secret sauce.

What if your restaurant had the purchasing power of 50+ restaurants? Well, with Lucid, it would be a reality. Because we are the trusted curator for a multitude of restaurants, we can leverage our family of restaurants to benefit yours. This innovative model allows us to negotiate preferred pricing on your behalf, instantly driving down your cost of goods by 5-10%. It's no wonder Lucid has been called "the most financially impactful restaurant service, ever".

Quality obsessed, data-backed wine lists.

Data backed, objective purchasing always outperforms subjective wine buying. At Lucid, we use tangible data, not opinions, which guarantees your wine list becomes a powerful financial tool. What type of wine will we help you source? You'll see the same wines on your lists that are served at elite institutions such as the French Laundry in Napa, Eleven Madison Park in NYC, and Noma in Copenhagen.

Education for the win.

Nothing impacts the top line more than an effective wine education. We educate your staff in the art of recommending, serving and understanding wine. Lucid provides you with an all-encompassing, interactive, cloud-based education curriculum that is available to your floor staff anytime, on any device. A focus on education will increase your check averages, guaranteed.

Goodbye turnover,
hello consistency.

Based on data from, 78% of your staff will turnover after one year. Not all that fun. Imagine a world where you never had to worry about your wine buyer position quitting. It’s nice, huh? Stop stressing about whether or not you can trust that new hire with your wine buying. We are proven to bring a 10x return on our small monthly fee. On the operations side, we'll keep strong, long-term relationships with your vendors and winemakers, further driving down costs on your behalf.

Lucid brings real results!


“The Lucid team have been able to build us a best in class wine program whilst increasing our revenue and profitability. Without them Mayfield wouldn’t be the restaurant it is today”

George Barker
Owner, Mayfield Restaurant

Lucid has helped us better curate our wine list, finding some amazing gems along the way.

Greg & Daisy Ryan
Owners, Bell's

“Lucid built us a wine list that positioned Margot as a wine destination in the ultra-competitive L.A. market. Luckily, we’re attracting collectors & wine connoisseurs, both of which spend a lot more on wine than the average guest”

Rohan Talwar

“Lucid is pivotal to my restaurant group & our operations. The impact they have had has been unreal”

Tin Vuogn

Start right away. Get Elite Curation, Buying Power, Education & Long-term Consistency all Starting at $299/month! Yes seriously.

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